Understanding the Benefits of Krishak Bandhu Scheme for Farmers in India

The Krishak Bandhu Scheme is a landmark initiative by the Government of West Bengal in India that aims to provide financial assistance and support to farmers in the state. Launched in 2019, the scheme has been designed to address the challenges faced by farmers and their families, particularly in times of distress. By understanding the key features and benefits of the Krishak Bandhu Scheme, farmers can make the most of this support system to improve their livelihoods and ensure a sustainable future for agriculture in the state.

Key Features of Krishak Bandhu Scheme:

  1. Financial Assistance: The scheme provides financial assistance of ₹5,000 per acre per annum to all eligible farmers. This assistance is aimed at helping farmers meet their agricultural expenses and improve their productivity.

  2. Income Support: In addition to the financial assistance per acre, the scheme also offers income support of ₹2 lakh to the family of a farmer in case of his/her untimely death. This is a crucial feature that ensures financial security for the farmer’s family members.

  3. Inclusive Coverage: The scheme covers all farmers, irrespective of the size of their landholdings. This inclusivity ensures that small and marginal farmers, who often face the greatest challenges, can also benefit from the scheme.

  4. Timely Disbursement: The financial assistance under the Krishak Bandhu Scheme is disbursed on a half-yearly basis, ensuring that farmers receive regular support throughout the year.

  5. No Premium: Unlike traditional insurance schemes, the Krishak Bandhu Scheme does not require farmers to pay any premium. This removes the financial burden on farmers and ensures easy access to the benefits of the scheme.

Benefits of Krishak Bandhu Scheme for Farmers:

  1. Financial Security: One of the key benefits of the scheme is that it provides farmers with a sense of financial security. The regular assistance helps farmers meet their expenses and reduces the financial risks associated with agriculture.

  2. Risk Mitigation: By offering income support in the event of the farmer’s death, the scheme helps in mitigating the risks faced by farming families. This ensures that the farmer’s dependents are not left vulnerable in times of crisis.

  3. Improved Productivity: The financial assistance provided under the Krishak Bandhu Scheme can be used by farmers to invest in improving their productivity. Whether it is purchasing better seeds, fertilizers, or equipment, the scheme enables farmers to enhance their agricultural practices.

  4. Social Welfare: The scheme contributes to social welfare by supporting the families of farmers in distress. By providing financial assistance to the farmer’s family members, the scheme ensures that their basic needs are taken care of.

  5. Promotion of Agriculture: By supporting farmers financially, the Krishak Bandhu Scheme promotes agriculture as a viable livelihood option. This, in turn, contributes to food security and economic development in the region.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Krishak Bandhu Scheme:

1. Who is eligible to benefit from the Krishak Bandhu Scheme?
– All farmers in West Bengal, irrespective of the size of their landholdings, are eligible to benefit from the scheme.

2. How is the financial assistance disbursed to farmers under the scheme?
– The financial assistance of ₹5,000 per acre is disbursed on a half-yearly basis directly into the bank accounts of the farmers.

3. Is there any application process for availing the benefits of the Krishak Bandhu Scheme?
– No, there is no specific application process. The state government identifies eligible farmers based on land records and other relevant data.

4. What documents are required to prove eligibility for the scheme?
– Farmers need to have valid land documents to prove their eligibility for the Krishak Bandhu Scheme.

5. Can small and marginal farmers also benefit from the scheme?
– Yes, the scheme is inclusive and covers all farmers, including small and marginal farmers.

6. What is the process to claim income support in case of a farmer’s death?
– In the unfortunate event of a farmer’s death, the family can claim the income support of ₹2 lakh by providing the necessary documents to the authorities.

7. Are there any conditions attached to the utilization of the financial assistance received under the scheme?
– Farmers are free to utilize the financial assistance for any agricultural purpose that can help improve their productivity and livelihoods.

8. Can farmers from other states avail of the benefits of the Krishak Bandhu Scheme?
– No, the scheme is specifically designed for farmers in West Bengal and is not open to farmers from other states.

9. How has the Krishak Bandhu Scheme impacted the lives of farmers in West Bengal since its launch?
– The scheme has had a positive impact on the lives of farmers by providing financial stability, increasing productivity, and ensuring social welfare for farming families.

10. Is there any grievance redressal mechanism in place for farmers facing issues with the implementation of the scheme?
– Yes, the state government has put in place a grievance redressal mechanism to address any issues or concerns faced by farmers regarding the Krishak Bandhu Scheme.

In conclusion, the Krishak Bandhu Scheme has emerged as a critical support system for farmers in West Bengal, offering financial assistance, income support, and social welfare benefits. By leveraging the key features and benefits of the scheme, farmers can enhance their livelihoods, mitigate risks, and contribute to the growth of agriculture in the state. The inclusivity and simplicity of the scheme make it a model initiative that other states in India can draw inspiration from to empower their farming communities.


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