Yuri On Ice A Night In Barcelona

But for now, I’m gonna pause doing uploading here. That “Welcome to The Madness” video is so hyped back then, that Youtube received swarmed by everyone recording the video once they get the BD instantly. No encoding, simply straight up living within the moment. At the time it was really unbelievable experience to look at.

The next morning, earlier than the Grand Prix Final begins, Yuri Plisetski confronts Victor concerning the relationship between Yuuri Katsuki and Victor and vows to win the finals. Japanese figure skater Yuri Katsuki faces a crushing defeat through the Grand Prix finals and heads house, unsure of whether or not or not he needs to continue his skating career. The pair leaves to seize dinner and runs into Mari and Minako, who are spying on Yuri and Otabek speaking at a restaurant. Yuuri and Victor invite Yuri, Otabek, Phichit, and Chris for dinner, to the overwhelming delight of Mari and Minako. Chris reveals that Yuuri had gotten wasted on champagne and started dancing with Yuri and Victor, as nicely as pole-dancing with Chris.

Victor and Yuuri Katsuki, after sightseeing and buying, find themselves at an evening market, the place Yuuri buys pair of a gold rings as a Christmas/birthday present for Victor. The two change rings and are later invited to dinner by Minako and Mari with all the finalists excluding JJ. While speaking, Chris catches sight of the pair of rings, and Phichit invites the restaurant to congratulate Victor and Yuuri on their marriage, which Victor corrects to being engaged.

It is then that Chris sees the rings on Yuuri and Victor’s fingers, and he questions them about it. Yuuri tries to cover the rings at first, however Victor happily states that the rings are a pair. Phichit, overcome with happiness, congratulates Yuuri and Victor on their marriage, and announces to the whole restaurant that his good friend which lymphoid organ is primarily active during the early years of life? has gotten married. The other people in the restaurant applaud in response, whereas Yuuri tries to elucidate himself to everyone round him. Victor claims that they’re engagement rings and that the 2 will get married as soon as Yuuri wins gold .

Yuuri asks Victor to comply with him into a jewelry shop, the place Yuuri purchases a pair of gold rings. Beautiful paintings, absolutely gorgeous graphics and amazing plot. This anime is unquestionably one of my favourites ever together with Black Butler and Free! So excited to see if there will be a second series? All in all, ten out of ten would one hundred pc recommend, it stored me hooked from the very begin.