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Speak to Leena or Liana, Barta’s boss, who tells Link to search dope sick love where are they now out Barta.

Should players take the time to do each quest in Gerudo Town, they’ll be rewarded with the Thunder Helm. The main criteria appear to be to be certain to have a hearty durian with you earlier than you get to her and to ensure you speak particularly to the particular person in Gerudo town known as Liana. Then you probably can go search for her on the Gerudo great skeleton web site. Worth to note, the honest fountain is in the bottom left corner of the map. Return to the target marker and discuss to Liana to finish the search and get a Silver Rupee. After you disable all 4 toes, there will be a minimize scene, and you’ll enter Vah Nabooris, registering it as a journey gate in your map.

If the fountain is already activated, just take Toren’s offering, go to the fairy, and return to him. There are a couple of different side quests in the Akkala area, which is in the northeast a part of Hyrule. Akkala is a reasonably flat area that can be easily traversed on horseback. Chat to Robsten on the west aspect of the settlement to study that solely males can enter Gerudo Town all the means down to the south. Before that, there are merchants and distributors right here – together with one that’ll promote you Hydromelons for warmth resistance. Heat resistance is one thing we’ll get to momentarily, so dash to the south, in any other case you should be well accustomed to cold resistance from the Great Plateau firstly of the game.

Statute of the Eighth Heroine is positioned on the far northwestern slope of the Gerudo Highlands. It is northwest of Gerudo Summit, northeast of Mount Agaat, and south of Hemaar’s Descent. You might want to journey here to complete The Eighth Heroine Side Quest. A Weapons and Armor index with a breakdown of the best melee weapons, bows and armor units. Walkthroughs for all facet quests found in every region.

While most of these tend to be weapons, Mipha leaves Link behind the Zora Armor and players can ultimately declare Urbosa’s former Thunder Helm for themselves – if they know the way, that’s. Go again to Gerudo Town, equip your Gerudo vai armor so the guards will not throw you out, and speak to Riju. There shall be a reduce scene whenever you discuss to her. She says that she’s going to wait for you at the Lookout Post south of Gerudo Town. Sold my first horse, June, to that one man who wanted one. Figured she was gonna get unhappy staying in the secure on a daily basis since I even have Kelpie, Thunder, and Yarrow .

After completing all four side quests in Gerudo Town, Link can return to Riju and declare the Thunder Helm from her. She’ll let him know that she’s heard of all the good he’s carried out round Gerudo Town, lastly allowing gamers to take the Thunder Helm for themselves. When outfitted, the Thunder Helm negates any and all harm from lightning strikes.