Kumkum Bhagya 10th January 2017 Full Episode

There, Abhi is sitting in the pub and getting drunk. Dadi takes Pragya close to the mandap and says that Pragya won’t be able to see Abhi applying sindoor to Tanu. This marriage will only ruin her and Abhi’s life if she doesn’t agree with them.

Dadi warns Purab against stepping out of the room he’s in and disregards his every argument towards it. Pragya comes in that room and Dadi asks her what occurred and what did Abhi say to which she stays silent. Dadi go on ranting about how she would scold Abhi for behaving rudely with Pragya as she assumes that Abhi had scolded Pragya. After this, Pragya is unable to manage family circle cup concerts 2015 herself and starts laughing revealing the truth to everyone. She says that Abhi confessed his feelings for her which makes everyone go right into a zone of celebration.

She tries to remind him how she was his old flame. Abhi shouts at her and says he loves solely Pragya. Tanu gets offended and says she knows that he not getting the love of a spouse however Abhi gets indignant and asks her to not are available between him and his wife. Tanu loses it when Munni barges in and abruptly begins blurting out in her anger that this is not Pragya. Munni is happy that finally she will be a free bird but Aliya is available in and slaps Tanu. She takes Tanu away as she asks Abhi to forgive her and Tanu.

On the other hand, Purab, Dadi and everyone seems to be planning about Pragya and Abhi’s wedding and Dadi tells her to solely fear about her gown. Pragya says that this isn’t the primary time. Purab comes there and tells Pragya that she’s going to marry Abhi right now solely. Abhi involves Pragya and tells her that they were about to make mistaken choice and so they cannot be with one another. Abhi tells her that he had promised Tanu to marry her, and he must be together with her. She insists to Abhi as to how essential he and this marriage is for her daughter and it is a final wish of her to see her daughter as a married lady.

The present passes via their bodies for a while. Pragya and Abhi fall on the ground after someone switches off the power plug. Everyone will get worried for Pragya as she loses consciousness.

Dadi says that Abhi can get depressed after marriage as he loves Pragya, however can’t live along with her. Moreover, Tanu can never be an understanding wife, she is marrying Abhi just to get the status. She will continue having a relationship with Nikhil post marriage. Pragya finally agrees however shows doubts about with the flexibility to dress like Tanu and replacing her in entrance of her mother and Aalia.