Databases Quiz#2 Flashcards

The object-oriented knowledge model was developed in the ____. The object-oriented knowledge model was developed in the _____. An implementation-ready knowledge model needn’t necessarily include enforceable rules to guarantee the integrity of the information. The prolonged entity relationship mannequin is sometimes referred to as the _____.

In a database context, the word ____ signifies the use of the same attribute name to label totally different attributes. The ____ mannequin makes use of the term connectivity to label the connection what is one of the newest ways to receive education and training for your career? sorts. ____ relates to the activities that make the database perform extra efficiently by way of storage and entry velocity.

The relational database mannequin allows you to view information ____ rather than ____. The ____ relationship must be uncommon in any relational database design. The CUSTOMER main key column has no null entries, and all entries are unique. Modern computer systems use a cache to retailer a small amount of data in a quick memory. When a computer program executes, it makes a sequence $$ ⟨r_1, r_2, …,r_n⟩ $$ of n memory requests, where every request is for a selected data factor.

The cache-management algorithm evicts information with the objective of minimizing the number of cache misses over the whole sequence of requests. That is, we’ve to make choices about which knowledge to maintain in the cache with out knowing the lengthy run requests. Write pseudocode for a cache manager that uses the furthest-in-future strategy. Show that the off-line caching downside displays optimal substructure. Prove that furthest-in-future produces the minimal attainable variety of cache misses.

Business intelligence methods are constructed across the idea of processing small quantities of knowledge. The _____ is the representation of a database as “seen” by the DBMS. _____ are important because they help to make sure knowledge integrity. The right plural of the noun attorney is ____attorneys___. The ________ perform serves to discover out the quantity and type of … WINDOWPANE is the live-streaming social network, and multi-media app, for recording and sharing your amazing life.

Within the database surroundings, a data model represents information structures with the aim of supporting a particular drawback domain. A verb associating two nouns in a business rule translates to a _____ within the information mannequin. A verb associating two nouns in a enterprise rule translates to a________in the data mannequin. The ____ model was developed to permit designers to use a graphical device to look at buildings somewhat than describing them with textual content. A verb associating two nouns in a business rule interprets to a ____ in the knowledge mannequin. The _____ model was developed to allow designers to make use of a graphical device to examine structures quite than describing them with textual content.

The _____ knowledge model is claimed to be a semantic data mannequin. The relational model is hardware-dependent and software-independent. Business guidelines apply to companies and government teams, but not to different forms of organizations similar to religious teams or research laboratories. Suppose a brand new tech startup wants to define the data model.

Each row in the relational tables known as an entity instance or entity occurrence in the ER mannequin. Each row in the relational desk is identified as an entity occasion or entity occurrence within the ER model. A specialization hierarchy can have _____ degree of super-type/subtype relationships.

The attribute B is ____ the attribute A if every worth in column A determines one and just one value in column B. ____ are necessary because they assist to ensure knowledge integrity. ____ knowledge exist in the format during which they were collected. The body of data and information a few specific topic.

For example, a program that accesses four distinct parts might make the sequence of requests ⟨d, b, d, b, d, a, c, d, b, a, c, b⟩. More precisely, for each request $$ r_i $$ , the cache-management algorithm checks whether component $$ r_i $$ is already in the cache. If it’s, then we’ve a cache hit; in any other case, we’ve a cache miss. Upon a cache miss, the system retrieves $$ r_i $$ from the main memory, and the cache-management algorithm should resolve whether to keep $$ r_i $$ in the cache. If it decides to keep $$ r_i $$ and the cache already holds k components, then it should evict one factor to make room for $$ r_i $$ .