Chapter 15 Medical Self

Where are these gates located? A.Thalamus. Olfactory nerve. Semicircular canals. Amygdala.

All of the following are true of anorexia nervosa EXCEPT A. Distorted physique picture novant village family care. Decreased coronary heart fee.

Lanugo, hypotension, and a 25-lb weight loss are goal information. Lanugo, Irregular coronary heart price, Pulse fee of 48 bpm Lanugo, abnormal progress of fantastic hair, is a results of starvation. Cardiovascular adjustments, together with an irregular heart price and bradycardia, are consequences of dehydration and electrolyte abnormalities. Dehydration contributes to dry, quite than oily, pores and skin. The shopper’s pores and skin on the extremities would be cool to the touch.

Which of those assessment findings suggests that bulimia nervosa may be a health problem? Select all that apply. Joanne’s parotid glands appears enlarged. Joanne’s tooth have a “moth eaten” sample of tooth decay. Joanne stories that she takes laxatives every day. Joanne’s weight is throughout the expected vary.

People with bulimia nervosa want psychological help because they are often very depressed and are at excessive danger of _______. A state of ________ forces the body to conserve as much vitality as attainable and results in a lot of the physical effects of anorexia nervosa. The lack of a chemical that regulates mood, low shallowness, and a powerful want to please others. Use meals as a way of feeling better emotionally and purge due to weight gain issues. And a reference to a food plan. Fear of gaining weight Fear of gaining weight is the only subjective datum listed, and it’s universally true.

Bingeing. Pica. The slower basal metabolism that occurs as a consequence of anorexia is caused by decreased synthesis of ______ hormone. Most well being issues in bulimia (e.g., tooth decay, abdomen ulcers, and esophageal tears) come up as a result of ________ to purge extra energy.

Denial of appetite. Increased physique temperature. The slower basal metabolism that occurs as a consequence of anorexia nervosa is brought on by A. Decreased insulin sensitivity. Low levels of physical exercise. Decreased thyroid hormone synthesis.