A&p 2 Ch 25 The Urinary System Flashcards

True/False Questions Both the female and male urethras serve both the urinary and the reproductive systems. Though excretion in human beings takes place via lungs, skin, liver, the kidneys are the primary organs of the human excretory system. They are bean-shaped organs, which weigh between a hundred and fifty to one hundred seventy gms and their size ranges from 4 – 5 inches long. These are the nephrons current throughout the cortex. These are brief and comprise about 80% of the total nephrons.

Annie has simply eaten a big order of heavily salted French fries, some pickled eggs, and a few 62) cheese. How will consuming this a lot salt have an effect on her physiology? A) It will trigger a chronic increase in the osmolality of the blood. B) There will be a shift in the pH of her physique fluids to the upper side of the pH scale. D) There shall be a temporary enhance in blood quantity. Are water crammed pores in water-permeable portions of the convoluted tubule like the PCT.

Urea – Match the urinary system function with its correct characteristic. Glucose – Match the urinary system characteristic with its appropriate characteristic. The thick easy muscle layer of the bladder known as the trigone. The urethra has two features in males, however only one in girls.

T or F- Blood stress in the renal glomerulus is lower than in most components of the body in order to conserve body water. T or F- Angiotensin II is a substance made by the body to decrease blood stress throughout stress. T or f_the amassing duct wouldn’t have the ability to without ANP,ADH,aldosterone. T or Fthe complete duty for urine formation lies with the nephron.

Similar to PCT, DCT additionally secretes ions such as hydrogen, potassium, and NH3 into the filtrate while reabsorbing the HCO3–from the filtrate. Conditional reabsorption of sodium ions and water takes place in DCT. Thus, it maintains the pH and sodium-potassium degree what united the authors ernest hemingway and scott fitzgerald in the 1920s? in the blood cells.

The __________ keeps the urethra closed when urine is not being handed from the bladder and prevents leaking between voiding. A disease attributable to insufficient secretion of antidiuretic hormone by the pituitary gland with signs of polyuria is ________. All of the next are layers of the filtration membrane in the glomerular membrane, EXCEPT the __________.

-Filtration slits are the pores that give fenestrated capillaries their name. -The glomerulus is correctly described as the proximal finish of the proximal convoluted tubule. -Podocytes are the branching epithelial cells that line the tubules of the nephron. -The parietal layer of the glomerular capsule is simple squamous epithelium.