As far as I know, reverse pick-pocketing could be the only way to poison an NPC utilizing food. I suppose in Oblivion NPCs would really “consume” food laying around within the cell with them, but unfortunately Skyrim would not appear to have that sort of mechanic. Gaseous or liquid poisons -especially anti stamina or anti- magic would be attention-grabbing. More scope for assassins using poison in opposition to meals or drink would be good if it could possibly be introduced gameplay-wise.

Still have not seen a combat mod that really repair this issue…each single one I really have tried nonetheless lets me perform a power assault when there is too little stamina as a substitute of forcing a standard attack. Download curated lists of mods easily, our “Collections” feature has entered Open Alpha. But Imp Stool is definitely the King of poison ingredients. Destruction spells deal extra harm for 60 seconds. Potions are rated with ◊ diamonds ◊ indicating the general usefulness and availability of ingredients for each potion. A 5-diamond ◊◊◊◊◊ potion is often the simplest and most useful.

In my experience the straight harm poisons typically deal low injury in one hit. But the lingering will give one thing like 8 factors over 6 seconds. It’s good to use against the leader in a gaggle giving time to concentrate on the other enemies whilst the poisoned one is actually dying. I do not tend to seek out many ravage well being poisons in game – but perhaps I simply haven’t seen. From memory I suppose ravage poisons are primarily magicka which is smart.

Might want flagging as ‘mergeable’ in Wrye Bash to be used with a Bashed Patch (save on plugins folks!). If you’re aiming for a paralyze potion, alchemists carry canis root and swamp fungal pod with the same frequency, so it’s hardly a huge consequence. The solely drawback with that final part is it is Restore health effect, which it shares with Swamp Fungal Pod. So, should the engine 2 seven-day rescue diet: eat plants, lose weight, save your health you combine these two for the Paralyze impact, it also heals the target. Makes for an expensive brew, for extra XP, and unlocks plenty of effects in 1 shot, although, so I usually combine a minimum of one early on.

As it’s an all-or-nothing, one-shot impact, zero is probably right. I do not think there is NO harm with a zero duration. The durations for Lingering Damage and Ravage are at all times 10 seconds and the efficiency increases with ability rating and perks.

I can check what exactly the consequences do fairly easily , however testing it in actual fight conditions is a bit more muddled. Anyway, I’m hoping somebody can shed a bit of sunshine on these effects. Maybe I’m not using them accurately, or haven’t discovered the best scenario for them. So, I whipped this one up as a outcome of I noticed that in my set-up, with Revenge of the Enemies and some other mods, vanilla poisons did not really do so much, so I changed it. River Betty has a 2.5x multiplier, versus Crimson Nirnroot’s 3x, nevertheless it’s additionally easier to seek out and shares the gradual impact with Deathbell. Very useful should you’re RPing a character and won’t mix something you do not know shares an impact, as they both have damage well being in the first spot.